Thursday, December 01, 2005

Church to Italians: Don't Marry Muslims

The Roman Catholic Church in Italy has issued a warning to the nation's Catholics that they should not marry Muslims. Rome's Vicar General, Cardinal Camillo Ruini, gave the advice in a document released to an episcopal conference.

"The experience of recent years leads us as a general rule to advise against...these marriages," he wrote. "Mixed Catholic and Muslim couples who intend to have a family have other difficulties above and beyond those experienced by other couples, when one considers cultural and religious diversity." The Cardinal also bucked the politically correct tide by saying that "cross cultural" marriages are "intrinsically fragile." He especially highlighted the atrocious Muslim attitude towards women.

Ruini, who is seen as a close member of traditionalist circles around Pope Benedict, is making another offensive on the liberal attitudes tolerated by the late John Paul II, in keeping with the pro-European agenda of Benedict himself.

Benedict early on in his reign abruptly dismissed Zionist attempts to dictate Papal policy, in what was seen as an early indication to Israel that the new pope would not continue the Vatican's JPII-era obsequious attitudes to the Jewish State. Benedict also openly opposed Turkish membership in the European Union, which had a role in the EU referendum defeats in France and the Netherlands. He also met with dissident Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci despite -- or because of -- the fact that she was facing a court hearing for anti-Muslim "hate speech."


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