Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hate??? I think not

There has been a lot of activity and sarcastic humor and comments from the Liberal left regarding all of the Pro White groups and their perceived "Nazi" hatred towards anyone who is not like them. From my standpoint, all of this hand-wringing has gotten to be down right hysterical. I mean really...think about it. If you do not like the message, ignore it unless you have nothing better to do. The entire "What does it really mean?" attitude is so pathetic and childish that at the age of 40 I feel like I am surrounded by a bunch of Junior High school students who will not knock it off.

For the most part the Pro White movement is nothing new and they are only after one thing...Separatism. They want to be free to live among others that are white just like them. They are not a "hate group" but that's a handy little tag to put on them because it is guaranteed to stir up all of the tree hugging Liberals and warp them into an alternative plane of existence. A "Hate Group" encourages and promotes violent activities and actions. Pro White groups are against this type of behavior and fight diligently against it. If any of the Liberals out there would have used their heads and listened to their message instead of jumping the gun and deciding what they thought the message was, they would not have looked like the huge idiots that they currently do.


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