Thursday, December 01, 2005

Why is the Holocaust so important?

Most Americans don’t know very much about the Holocaust. They were taught it as fact in school. They see Hollywood coming out with a new Holocaust movie or documentary every couple years. But every few months they hear something on the news about historians who dispute it. The latest historian to make news is David Irving, who has been locked up in Austria for disputing the state-approved version of the Holocaust story.

Why is the Holocaust so important to some people? Let’s say the Germans merely removed the Jews from positions of political power and banned them from the legal profession. Germany went from devastating economic poverty in 1932 to full employment just a couple years later. If an incredible economic improvement can be achieved, merely by removing the Jews from power (and replacing them with patriotic nationalists), then every Gentile nation in the world should give this a try.

Obviously the Jews don’t want anyone else getting the idea of removing them to create prosperity. The Jews control the mass media in most Western countries. Most people don’t know about the Balfour Declaration. During World War One, Zionist Jews offered to use their control of the press to bring America into World War One if Britain would promise them Palestine. This offer was dubbed the Balfour Declaration. If the Jews had enough media control and influence to push America into World War One in 1917, what else have they done with their power?

It was a huge embarrassment for the Jews to see Germany so prosperous in the mid-1930s after removing them from power. They considered this a dangerous precedent. To deal with this “problem” the Jewish World Congress declared war on Germany in 1933. This declaration of war at least encouraged a world-wide boycott against Germany and at worst encouraged other nations of the world to become hostile toward Germany. (The Jews curiously sanctioned the Germans before the Germans passed any laws restricting the Jews.) More importantly the Jews pushed vicious anti-German slander in all the Jewish-owned newspapers in the West in the years leading up to World War Two. The Communist mass murder of 30 million people in Russia and the Ukraine received almost no publicity in the Jewish media. Most people in the West only heard a serious mention of these Communist mass murders beginning in the 1980s. Instead, the Jewish media focused all their hatred and agitation against Germany and its allies.

After six years of relentless agitation, the Jews pushed England and France into war with Germany. Only two years later, FDR and his cabal of Jews provoked a war with Japan (and Germany).

Naturally, the Jews did not want future historians to say: “World War Two was provoked by the Jewish media in retaliation for Germany removing the Jews from power.” The Jews needed a new reason for World War Two. A reason that painted their enemies as unquestionably evil. So they invented the Holocaust.

The Holocaust stood mostly unchallenged for decades after the war because people feared being branded “Nazi-sympathizers” for questioning its details. The truth always comes out in the long run. Professor Arthur Butz published his famous work “The Hoax of the 20th Century” in 1977 detailing a very solid argument against this war propaganda. Dr. Butz pointed out that the world population of Jews remained at about 16 million before and after the war. He also noted that half a million Jews remained in Paris after four years of German occupation. Both these facts strongly suggest the Holocaust is a fraud, but the political power of the Jews has suppressed and punished any public questioning of the Holocaust to this day. David Irving joined the ranks of Revisionist historians several years ago and went from a famous successful author to a pariah thanks to persecution by the Jews.

The Institute for Historical Review has done great work exposing the Holocaust as a great historical fraud. Anyone interested in looking for historical truth should visit their website. It’s a shock for many people to see how much propaganda we’ve been force fed.


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