Thursday, December 01, 2005

Why is the Holocaust so important?

Most Americans don’t know very much about the Holocaust. They were taught it as fact in school. They see Hollywood coming out with a new Holocaust movie or documentary every couple years. But every few months they hear something on the news about historians who dispute it. The latest historian to make news is David Irving, who has been locked up in Austria for disputing the state-approved version of the Holocaust story.

Why is the Holocaust so important to some people? Let’s say the Germans merely removed the Jews from positions of political power and banned them from the legal profession. Germany went from devastating economic poverty in 1932 to full employment just a couple years later. If an incredible economic improvement can be achieved, merely by removing the Jews from power (and replacing them with patriotic nationalists), then every Gentile nation in the world should give this a try.

Obviously the Jews don’t want anyone else getting the idea of removing them to create prosperity. The Jews control the mass media in most Western countries. Most people don’t know about the Balfour Declaration. During World War One, Zionist Jews offered to use their control of the press to bring America into World War One if Britain would promise them Palestine. This offer was dubbed the Balfour Declaration. If the Jews had enough media control and influence to push America into World War One in 1917, what else have they done with their power?

It was a huge embarrassment for the Jews to see Germany so prosperous in the mid-1930s after removing them from power. They considered this a dangerous precedent. To deal with this “problem” the Jewish World Congress declared war on Germany in 1933. This declaration of war at least encouraged a world-wide boycott against Germany and at worst encouraged other nations of the world to become hostile toward Germany. (The Jews curiously sanctioned the Germans before the Germans passed any laws restricting the Jews.) More importantly the Jews pushed vicious anti-German slander in all the Jewish-owned newspapers in the West in the years leading up to World War Two. The Communist mass murder of 30 million people in Russia and the Ukraine received almost no publicity in the Jewish media. Most people in the West only heard a serious mention of these Communist mass murders beginning in the 1980s. Instead, the Jewish media focused all their hatred and agitation against Germany and its allies.

After six years of relentless agitation, the Jews pushed England and France into war with Germany. Only two years later, FDR and his cabal of Jews provoked a war with Japan (and Germany).

Naturally, the Jews did not want future historians to say: “World War Two was provoked by the Jewish media in retaliation for Germany removing the Jews from power.” The Jews needed a new reason for World War Two. A reason that painted their enemies as unquestionably evil. So they invented the Holocaust.

The Holocaust stood mostly unchallenged for decades after the war because people feared being branded “Nazi-sympathizers” for questioning its details. The truth always comes out in the long run. Professor Arthur Butz published his famous work “The Hoax of the 20th Century” in 1977 detailing a very solid argument against this war propaganda. Dr. Butz pointed out that the world population of Jews remained at about 16 million before and after the war. He also noted that half a million Jews remained in Paris after four years of German occupation. Both these facts strongly suggest the Holocaust is a fraud, but the political power of the Jews has suppressed and punished any public questioning of the Holocaust to this day. David Irving joined the ranks of Revisionist historians several years ago and went from a famous successful author to a pariah thanks to persecution by the Jews.

The Institute for Historical Review has done great work exposing the Holocaust as a great historical fraud. Anyone interested in looking for historical truth should visit their website. It’s a shock for many people to see how much propaganda we’ve been force fed.

Debating prayer in the Indiana House

It started simply enough, with song. "Jesus makes it right.....alright....alright...alright."

Except not everyone in or outside of the chamber in the peoples' House feels the same way.

On Wednesday a federal judge barred the Speaker of the Indiana House from permitting sectarian prayer as a part of official business of the House.

Speaker Brian Bosma thinks, "it is overreaching. It really is an inappropriate and way over the top ruling by the judge."

Curt Smith from the Indiana Institute sees it as viewpoint discrimination. "To ask one faith to be inclusive, I think asks it to go against its own tenants and belief. All we can do in America is have an open forum where people of all faiths can come and make their statements and offer their prayers and then each individual chooses in the freedom of their conscience."

"On public occasions we should be celebrating our oneness rather than our differences." Reverend Bill Enright, who delivered the opening prayer at the Statehouse when he served as Pastor at Second Presbyterian Church, says he sees the ruling as an opportunity. "God is bigger than any one of us. God always breaks the boxes in which we like to put ourselves or we like to put others."

On the street, Hoosiers have their own opinions.

"I think it is inappropriate. I believe in the separation of church and state."

"If we all serve one God and one religion we should be able to express our opinions in that matter."

Speaker Bosma realizes the importance of this question. "This case has a precedent setting effect for the country in addition to all the local boards and councils that open with prayer. They will all have to live under this."

Many also start with the Pledge of Allegiance, which Rev. Enright says is fitting. "We say in our pledge, 'one nation under God.' I think that says who we are and we pray to the same God and I don't see anything, as I read this judgment that prohibits that."

He says this could be a growth period for us, which will officially begin when the legislature convenes January fourth.

Church to Italians: Don't Marry Muslims

The Roman Catholic Church in Italy has issued a warning to the nation's Catholics that they should not marry Muslims. Rome's Vicar General, Cardinal Camillo Ruini, gave the advice in a document released to an episcopal conference.

"The experience of recent years leads us as a general rule to advise against...these marriages," he wrote. "Mixed Catholic and Muslim couples who intend to have a family have other difficulties above and beyond those experienced by other couples, when one considers cultural and religious diversity." The Cardinal also bucked the politically correct tide by saying that "cross cultural" marriages are "intrinsically fragile." He especially highlighted the atrocious Muslim attitude towards women.

Ruini, who is seen as a close member of traditionalist circles around Pope Benedict, is making another offensive on the liberal attitudes tolerated by the late John Paul II, in keeping with the pro-European agenda of Benedict himself.

Benedict early on in his reign abruptly dismissed Zionist attempts to dictate Papal policy, in what was seen as an early indication to Israel that the new pope would not continue the Vatican's JPII-era obsequious attitudes to the Jewish State. Benedict also openly opposed Turkish membership in the European Union, which had a role in the EU referendum defeats in France and the Netherlands. He also met with dissident Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci despite -- or because of -- the fact that she was facing a court hearing for anti-Muslim "hate speech."

Hate??? I think not

There has been a lot of activity and sarcastic humor and comments from the Liberal left regarding all of the Pro White groups and their perceived "Nazi" hatred towards anyone who is not like them. From my standpoint, all of this hand-wringing has gotten to be down right hysterical. I mean really...think about it. If you do not like the message, ignore it unless you have nothing better to do. The entire "What does it really mean?" attitude is so pathetic and childish that at the age of 40 I feel like I am surrounded by a bunch of Junior High school students who will not knock it off.

For the most part the Pro White movement is nothing new and they are only after one thing...Separatism. They want to be free to live among others that are white just like them. They are not a "hate group" but that's a handy little tag to put on them because it is guaranteed to stir up all of the tree hugging Liberals and warp them into an alternative plane of existence. A "Hate Group" encourages and promotes violent activities and actions. Pro White groups are against this type of behavior and fight diligently against it. If any of the Liberals out there would have used their heads and listened to their message instead of jumping the gun and deciding what they thought the message was, they would not have looked like the huge idiots that they currently do.